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If you’re a regular internet user, or have been keeping up with the news lately, you may have heard of SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act). What you may not realize is the direct impact this proposed bill could have on you personally, if it is eventually passed as a law. Both SOPA and PIPA (Protect IP Act) would allow the government to shut-down, block, and censor websites such as YouTube, Google and WordPress based on user-generated content. For example, if a blog on links to something that could be viewed as an infringement of copyright, the entire WordPress community could be at risk. As a blogger (and regular internet user) I am opposed to these bills being passed. I believe the internet should be a place where individuals can not only express themselves, but have the power to share information with a global community. The internet is a place of freedom, and it should stay that way. SOPA & PIPA will give the United States government power over the internet that they should not have.

Here is a great video explanation of SOPA & PIPA from “Khan Academy” on Youtube:

I urge you to get involved and participate in protesting against SOPA & PIPA. If these bills get passed, you may not have a presence on the internet the same way you do now. Take advantage of what these bills threaten to take away, and use your voice – uncensored.

Google has set up an online petition that you can sign here –

You can also use this page set up by Wikipedia in order to look up your Congressional Representatives –

“Fight for the Future” has a form you can fill out online that will send a message to Congress –

The News Blog also posted about the WordPress “Censorship Protest” and how to add a black protest ribbon to your blog –

I also suggest that bloggers take a stand and make sure to post about this critical issue and spread the word to their followers.

“End Piracy, Not Liberty.”

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