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Music Moday: ‘Valken – EP’ by Reso Album Review

The first dubstep I ever heard was by the artist Skrillex (review coming next week!). The second dubstep artist I was introduced to was Reso. A friend recommended his song ‘War Machine’ to me, which is featured on the Valken – EP. ‘War Machine’ is the first song on the album, and is currently one of my favorite dubstep tracks. Just listening to the song, I can understand why it’s called ‘War Machine’. Mixing a heavy bass and ‘hyperactive’ electronic beats and sounds, this song is one wild ride for your ears. Not only that, but throughout the song Reso is able to transition from dubstep to an electronic ambient sound. Reso continues this “electronic ambiance” throughout the album, and the next song ‘Aethra’ is a song I think could easily fit in the Intelligent Dance Music (IDM) genre. When I first heard it, I was immediately brought back to some of the club music played in the video game Mass Effect 2. I later found out that one of the composers of the club music for the game is indeed a part of the Intelligent Dance Music movement. ‘Aethra’ has a very soothing beat to it, and it’s an excellent piece for IDM fans to listen to. The next song on the album, ‘Expansion Ratio‘ is what I would consider to be more ‘electronic’ than the previous song, ‘Aethra’. While Reso uses heavy beats in ‘Aethra’ to create the sound, ‘Expansion Ratio’ has a wider mixture of electronic music. The sounds in this song are reminiscent of something you’d hear in the classic Mario games, or even Legend of Zelda. The track has a very classic electronic feel to it, but Reso still manages to keep the ambiance sound in it. The album then has a slight transition back to the heavy dubstep sound it started with, and the album ends with the track ‘Syndicate’. Reso really sums up the Valken – EP in this song. Starting off with an ambient/synth beat, dubstep can then be heard in the background as the song progresses.

Overall, I really enjoy listening to the Valken – EP by Reso. It isn’t a long album of course, but Reso has just the right mix of dubstep and ambient that allow the tracks to flow. I find it to be a very relaxing album, and I look forward to hearing more of Reso and listening to his other albums and EPs.

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