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GMS stands for “Geek Menstrual Syndrome”. It is the feeling that one is having PMS, onset by experiencing the stupidities of society. While the symptoms of “PMS” can include feelings of tiredness, pain, and weight gain, GMS symptoms are typically less physical than the symptoms of PMS. Possible GMS symptoms include: feelings of confusion, frustration, anger, anxiety and a need to rant/voice your opinions strongly.

This week’s GMS is onset by – the lazy, copyright infringing author of a Star Trek comic.

This particular (GMS) ‘cramp’ was brought to my attention by my father. He had bought the (J.J. Abrams) Star Trek #1 comic, written by Mike Johnson and illustrated by Stephen Molnar. I haven’t actually read the comic, but I will when I get the chance, so you can expect a review on it hopefully soon. In fact, this GMS has nothing even to do with the plot of the comic (though my dad also let me know that the story is less than stellar)! This GMS is onset by a single image in the comic…

…can you spot what’s wrong with this picture?

Hm…maybe we should take a closer look…

...and no, the problem is not Angelina Jolie's right leg.

…now, do you see what’s wrong?


Now, here was my first reaction to seeing the image (before I did some research!): I won’t be surprised if Dyson ends up suing the artist, Stephen Molnar, for this OBVIOUS infringement upon copyright. He’d might as well have colored the inside lining of the ‘hand dryer’ yellow and stuck a Dyson logo onto it. I’d rather endure some random product placement than know that I’m supporting a plagiarizing artist. This has got to be one of the MOST unoriginal things I have ever seen. Why? Because it’s just so damn obscure. It’s obvious that the author didn’t draw the ‘Airblade’ because he needed to stick a hand dryer on the wall, but because he didn’t know the story well enough to draw a more relevant piece of technology in the scene. And it’s not like the hand dryer is a microscopic dot in the background. NO – it’s the biggest hunk of junk in the picture other than the ‘bed’. And of all types of technology to you could choose to put on a spaceship, WHY ON EARTH, would you choose a hand dryer?!

Well, after I had experienced this awful bout of GMS I then actually did some research as to why the Dyson Airblade would be on the Enterprise. Here is my reaction after doing research: YOU MEAN TO TELL ME THAT J.J. ABRAMS PLACED THE DYSON AIRBLADE ON THE ENTERPRISE?! THE COMIC ARTIST WAS ACTUALLY REFERENCING THE MOVIE?! THIS IS WORSE THAN I THOUGHT!!!

Now, unfortunately I couldn’t find a ‘CC-licensed’ image of the Dyson Airblade found in the 2009 Star Trek film. However, all you have to do is search for ‘Star Trek Dyson Airblade’ and a single, tiny picture should come up in Google Images of the scene where it is shown.

Well, my first instinct is to apologize to the artist that he was left with drawing what seems to be a reference to the product placement of a hand dryer, inserted into a movie, in a comic. But then I realize that he actually drew the comic-version of the Dyson Airblade differently than the one in the film. So, I have come to a few conclusions: (1) J. J. Abrams is partly at fault for this lack of originality and creativity; (2) Either the illustrator of the comic was told to draw the hand dryer, or he decided to do it himself (which since the Airblade in the comic is not an exact match to the one found in the film, I still consider it an offense!); and (3) The artist was on a creativity retreat, and this could all be some kind of crazy coincidence.

Well there you have it. Now you know how the Enterprise crew dries their hands – with the Dyson Airblade. (Look out for comic #2, where the Enterprise crew wipes the ship’s poop deck with a Swiffer mop!)

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