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Replaying through SHINee (샤이니): Countdown to the Comeback (Day 3 – ROMEO)

Day 3 – ROMEO

For Shawols and Kpop fans, the last week has been full of excitement! After the announcement that SHINee’s fourth mini-album, Sherlock, will be released on March 21 a stream of teaser photos for the boys – Minho, Taemin, Onew, Key and Jonghyun – have appeared on the web.

In honor of the boys’ long awaited comeback AureliaDiesel will be counting down every day leading up to March 21. For day 3, we will be listening to SHINee’s second mini album (or EP) ROMEO.

ROMEO has six tracks in all – Talk To You, Juliette, Hit Me, Senorita, Please Don’t Go, and Romeo + Juliette. The first song on the album, Talk To You, is a great R&B dance track. The whole ROMEO CD has a different sound than what SHINee had established in their previous two albums. However, Talk To You still features SHINee’s ‘hip-hop’ beats and rap breaks that were so prevalent in their first studio album, The SHINee World. The next song, Juliette, was released as one of SHINee’s singles. This is also the only song on the album that SHINee filmed a music video for; you can watch it below.

Juliette is a very familiar song to me, as it samples Corbin Bleu’s song, ‘Deal With It’. In my younger years, I was a HUGE Corbin Bleu fan – I had his album and I saw him perform this song in concert. Though, I must say that SHINee doesn’t take away from the original song in the least. SHINee just simply made it their own, and I enjoy both versions of this catchy, dance song equally!

Next is the song Hit Me, a slower more ballad-like song. SHINee’s fantastic harmonies are highlighted in this song’s chorus, and I would describe this song as being more of a ‘pop’ song than SHINee’s previous ‘hip-hop’ ballads. The R&B-influenced melody is still there, but it’s not as heavily present as in previous SHINee songs. Senorita, the next song, is definitely a musical transition for SHINee. It is influenced by Spanish/Latin American music – hence the name. SHINee did a great job with this track – it’s one of my top songs on the album. The Spanish guitar playing in the background sounds fantastic with SHINee’s voices, and the whole melody just seems to work very well for them. SHINee even manages to include a rap break, that doesn’t take away from the overall song (I’m not the biggest rap fan, but SHINee’s raps are always well-timed and they don’t ruin the music)!

After SHINee’s ‘Spanish getaway’, the emotional piano ballad, Please, Don’t Go comes next. Please, Don’t Go is a duet with SHINee’s lead and main vocalists, Jonghyun and Onew. If you’re a ballad person, you’ll love this song. Jonghyun and Onew are (arguably) the strongest vocalists in SHINee, and their voices complement one another very well. SHINee than ends the album as a group with the song Romeo + Juliette. It’s with this song that SHINee goes back to their R&B roots and wonderful harmonies – classic SHINee fans will love this song!

Now that we’ve listened to SHINee’s second mini album (EP), ROMEO, here are some images of the ROMEO CD Packaging and photobook!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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