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Replaying through SHINee (샤이니): Countdown to the Comeback (Day 7/8 – The 1st Concert: SHINee World)

Day 7/8 – The 1st Concert: SHINee World

Ever since the announcement that Korean pop band SHINee will be releasing their fourth mini album, Sherlock on March 21 (TODAY in South Korea!), AureliaDiesel has been counting down every day leading up to the band’s long awaited comeback. Sherlock was digitally released yesterday for international fans, and you can read my review of the fantastic mini album here.

SHINee has also released the Sherlock music video teaser on YouTube. In honor of the music video being released later today, #giveitupforSHINee is currently trending worldwide at #1! Follow @AureliaDiesel on Twitter and help SHINee trend! (#giveitupforSHINee is a worldwide trend and not a U.S. trend, so if you’re not seeing it make sure you click ‘change’ and set your trends to ‘worldwide’)

*Update* – #SHINeeSHERLOCKMV is also a worldwide trend!

SHINee ‘Lucifer’ was also nominated for an MTV VMAJ for ‘Best Choreography’ along with Beyonce, Chris Brown, Perfurme and LMFAO! Vote for them here. Since the page is in Japanese, scroll to the bottom in order to vote for SHINee. Click the red button under their picture, and then choose whether to share your choice on Twitter, Facebook or Mixi (a Japanese social network). It seems as though you have to share your vote in order for it to be counted! But there’s nothing wrong with spreading the SHINee love, even if it is in Japanese!

Since SHINee is expected to make their ‘live’ performance comeback very soon, we will be highlighting SHINee’s The 1st Concert: SHINee World album, as well as some videos of them performing in concert!

SHINee The 1st Concert: SHINee World album is comprised of two CDs. Both have a mixture of songs featruring SHINee’s popular hits from their first two studio albums, SHINee World and Lucifer. The live recordings are all high quality, and they managed to do a good job of drowning out all the screaming fans! Many of SHINee’s hit singles are ‘rearrangements’ so even if you’ve heard the songs before, you’ve never heard them quite like this. The live ‘rock remixes’ are especially good, and you feel as though you are actually at a SHINee concert.

Here are some images from the CD packaging:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I also have some videos here from SHINee’s Official YouTube, all of which are live performances of theirs.

SMTown Live in New York: SHINee, Stand by Me

SMTown Live World Tour in Paris: SHINee, Replay

SMTown Live in Tokyo, Special Edition: SHINee, Juliette (Clip)

*BONUS* ‘Sherlock’ Music Video Teaser!

Don’t forget to vote on all our ‘SHINee polls’ at the AureliaDiesel polls page! The results of the poll will be kept secret and announced tomorrow, the last day of our SHINee countdown!

Make sure you follow AureliaDiesel by email or bookmark us so you can keep up-to-date on our countdown to SHINee’s comeback!

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