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Spring Cleaning: A Guide for the Disorganized Blogger (Part 1)

March 20 marked the first day of Spring 2012, and you know what that means? It’s spring-cleaning time! Winter wasn’t that cold this year (at least where I live) but if you’re like me then you still managed to make a mess of your home and fall into a state of horrible disorganization. As a blogger, being organized is a critical component of everything I do. I don’t lose things easily, but I’m the type of person that will stress out after only 30 seconds of not being able to find something. So, I need to know exactly where everything is. After spending the last two days cleaning, I have decided to compile a helpful list for my fellow bloggers.

People write blogs for many different reasons – news, life, hobbies, entertainment – but no matter what, a blogger should always be organized. Organization is pretty much a given for anyone that wants to be successful without the stress of losing things. However, I find that sometimes blog authors will take this for granted. Blogging is both an online and offline lifestyle. In order to have a strong online presence you also have to be efficient offline. Springtime is upon us, which means this is the perfect time to start putting your blogging life back on track! Is your desk covered in papers and random memorabilia? Can’t find your underwear in that pile of laundry on the floor? Do you write ideas down in 15 different notebooks because you can never find them all? Well, look no further because AureliaDiesel is here to help!

Below is a step-by-step, instructional guide to cleaning up your blogging life:

Tools List

  • Laundry Basket
  • Old shirt/duster
  • All-surface disinfectant wipes
  • Trash bags
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • (Optional) Boxes/bags for organization
  • (Optional) Air freshener

Before beginning your mission for orderliness, you should know that there are three key components to having a successful ‘blogging’ space – a work space, a storage space and a creative space. I have separated these things out because they are the three main categories I dealt with while I was cleaning my own blogging ‘room’. Here is how I define these three things:

Work space – this consists of your desk or the place in which you literally set your computer down and type at. You may not always use this space (for example, I’m actually typing this while sitting on a couch!) but it is still important to make sure it is clean and clear.

Storage space – this includes bookcases, cabinets, file systems and anything else that you use for ‘storage’ – hence the name. Storage is it’s own category on it’s own, because even if you have a bookcase connected to your desk, it’s still easier to find things when they are not stacked in piles all over your desk.

Creative space – this is everything that may inspire you or get your creative juices flowing. Art, music, games – anything that doesn’t fit into the other two categories, really.*

*Sometimes you may have ‘creative’ things mix with the other categories, such as having music stored on a shelf above your desk. This is perfectly fine! Every blogger is unique.

These three ‘categories’ will be focused on more in part 2, but still keep them in mind while you are beginning your clean-up!

Now that we have that cleared up, you may actually start cleaning…

1)   Do the laundry first. If you have clean clothes to put away, make sure you get this step done before you do anything else. Clothing items are the ultimate enemies of cleanliness! People sling shirts over chairs, pants get thrown on the floor – overall, clothes are meant to be in a closet, so make sure you put all apparel where it needs to be. After putting away the clean clothes you can then sort out the dirty items

2)   Organize the floor. What do I mean by, “organize the floor?”. Basically, if there are still a bunch of items scattered on your floor, make sure you at least put them into piles so that you have some walking room.

3)   Start putting things on the floor. Yes, I just told you to organize your floor and then put more stuff on it. Just trust me – this works. Are there papers and books piled on your desk? Okay, put them neatly on the floor. Do you have a bookshelf full of stuff that you may want to give away? Put the items on the floor. In my case, I had plastic boxes full of random items scattered all over the floor and I was able to go through each box one-by-one. As an option, you may use cardboard boxes or bags to organize your things in, and then you can just put the boxes/bags on the floor. (Feel free to look back at the tools list towards the beginning of the post throughout the instructions)

4)   Dust EVERYTHING. Say goodbye to all those annoying little dust particles that drive you crazy! This is your time to blast the music, dance around and kick some dust bunny butt! Don’t forget to dust the tops of bookshelves and storage items as well, since you can actually use those areas to store things.

5)   Disinfect. Got germs? You probably don’t know how ‘germ-filled’ your furniture is but that’s exactly why you should disinfect. A blogger doesn’t feel like blogging if they’re sick, so improve your room’s overall health by pulling out the all-surface wipes and not skipping this step.

6)   Take out the trash and recycle the rest. Now is the time for you to grab a trash bag and start contributing to your local landfill! …Ahem, just kidding. Use a trash bag and start ridding your place of tissues, candy wrappers, (plastic wrap from last year’s Christmas?) and any other legitimate trash that you don’t need anymore. Make sure you also think about the items you can recycle such as plastic bags and printer paper. Don’t throw out unwanted books or products that are in ‘good’ condition because you can always donate (and maybe sell) them.

7)   Put things in their place. By this point, the only things on your floor should be what you want to keep (and maybe a box of things you’d like to donate/recycle). Well, now is the time to start putting these items back where you want them to be. Place books in bookcases, pile papers neatly on shelves, organize your tech toys in a box – do whatever it takes to get everything off the floor and neatly organized somewhere else.

8)   Vaccuum. This last step is a fun and simple one. Plug in your vacuum and thoroughly clean your (now clear) floor/carpet/rug.

9)   (Optional) Spray air freshener.

Congratulations! You have survived ‘part 1’ of AureliaDiesel’s guide for the disorganized blogger!

Stay tuned for ‘part 2’ where I discuss how to reach the height of blogging efficiency by personalizing your newly cleaned space and how to organize your ‘online’ life!

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3 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning: A Guide for the Disorganized Blogger (Part 1)

  1. DigDug on said:

    Thank you for this great post, Aurelia. I find it ironic that those of us who write for a living are often very well organized in our minds, but run out of time (and often energy) to stay organized in our lives. Your post gives me hope that I might be able to do both after all!

  2. rosieerman on said:

    Do you really use those all bleachers in your home or every bleach has designated areas of usage? I don’t know if it was just coincidence or destiny cause I am using Ajax too.. Happy cleaning.

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