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Mass Effect 3: My First Impression

I’ve been playing Mass Effect 3 almost every day over the last month since it came out March 6. My true first impression of this game was absolutely terrible, and was bad enough to be featured as a ‘weekly GMS’ (Geek Menstrual Syndrome) article. Mass Effect 3 has one of the worst beginnings I have ever experienced in a video game. BioWare has managed to produce what I now call a ‘legendary glitch’ at the start of the game. The entire ‘GMS’ article I wrote was about this topic, but this glitch is so bad I just have to mention it again. Mass Effect 3 was released with a glitch that will not allow the player to import their character’s face from the previous two games (Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2). Read my article for more on this topic, but I think gamers will forever be shaking their heads wondering how BioWare managed to release a game with such a huge glitch. Mass Effect 3 should really be disqualified from winning any awards, because BioWare really put out what I consider a broken game.

After I put off playing the game for a few days due to my frustration, I finally decided to just create a new character and start the game.


My final review of the game will be more detailed, but I can tell you that I have just struggled with playing this game in general. You know a game is good when you can’t put it down, but in the case of Mass Effect 3 – I can only take about an hour a day of playing this game. The story progression overall just feels a bit off. You’re basically pushed into action only a short time after the game starts, and then you’re forced to deal with politics soon after. The first game ‘sequence’ is about Earth being attacked by the ‘giant machines’ called Reapers, but after fighting your way through a ‘futuristic’ Vancouver, the game forces you to leave Earth behind. Mass Effect 3’s tagline was advertised as “Take Back Earth”, so why is the majority of the gameplay spent NOT on Earth? I don’t really enjoy playing as my character because while Earth is in turmoil I’m running around doing things elsewhere.

The majority of Mass Effect 2 was spent going on missions in order to gain companions, and while the concept in Mass Effect 3 is similar – it’s much more boring. I understand why the main character, Shepard, needs to garner support for the war on Earth. However, the urgency of the situation calls for a more complex story. I always wonder while I’m playing the game, how has Earth NOT been destroyed yet? How long do I have? In a sense, I’m actually rushing through the game because the storyline is not fast enough. It’s as if the writers at BioWare are not able to keep up with the fast-paced galaxy they created. Earth is being attacked, and it feels as though the storyline does not reflect the destruction that is happening. This does get a little bit better at certain points in the game – human refugees can be found on the Citadel, the Citadel itself gets attacked at one point – but other than that, this game is just very unsatisfying. There are glithes all the way through it – I’ve found myself caught in ‘invisible’ doorways and more. I really don’t know what to say until I’ve finished the game and the story wraps up. I have heard negative things about the ending, so I’m bracing myself for the dissatisfaction ahead.

Look out for my review of the Mass Effect 3 Collector’s Edition and my final review of the game, coming soon!

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