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My Saturday at Katsucon 18 + I meet Greg Ayres & Chris Ayres!

2 days ago, I got the chance to attend my first (anime) convention – Katsucon 18. Katsucon has been held at the Gaylord Hotel in National Harbor, MD for 3 years now, and I learned about it through a fellow anime fan, who works for the convention.

It was because of this friend that I was also able to wear my first cosplay costume. I cosplayed as Sister Rosette Christopher from the anime (and manga) Chrono Crusade. The costume was just stunning, and I ended up having multiple people ask me for pictures.

We (I attended with my family & fellow blogger/friend iamabbee. See her blog here – arrived at Katsucon around noon, and stood in the registration line for about 2 hours. If there’s one thing I learned from this experience, it’s that pre-registering is more important than I thought. Standing for 2 hours is very uncomfortable, and it can really make or break your convention experience. So, note to self: pre-register!

Once we finally received our Katsucon 18 badges, we used the Katsucon Schedule iPhone app to see what events were going on. We decided to try out a talk called ‘So You Want to Go to Japan?’. Well I never actually got to see much of the panel, because almost as soon as we arrived for the event, we left. I don’t know who the random guy was sitting at the front of the room, but he was talking in one of the most monotone voices I’ve ever heard and showing random pictures that had nothing to do with what he was talking about. We also stopped in on the ‘Kiryu Q & A’, but since I didn’t know much about the j-rock band singer/songwriter, we left and made our way to the merchant’s hall. Needless to say, the merchant’s hall was AMAZING. I do wish the space would have been bigger, but the actual booths set up were full of lots of anime goodies! From steampunk & cyberpunk clothing, to ready-wear cosplay, to plush toys, they had it all. This is was honestly one of my favorite parts of my day at the convention, because the energy was great and everyone was so nice. I bought a lot of cool things (mostly Vampire Knight merchandise!) and stay tuned for my ‘Merchant’s Hall Merchandise’ posts coming soon, where I review the products I bought! Here’s a sneak peek:

...What is it...?

After a little family lunch, we headed to the Maid Cafe where our friend was working. We had a hard time finding it, since the cafe was set up in the Gaylord Hotel’s exclusive club, Pose. Pose is only accessible through its own elevator, so we played a lot of elevator tag before getting there. We were in luck, because we were the last people allowed in the Maid Cafe, for the rest of this year’s convention.

We were seated almost immediately by our friend, and all the maids were dressed in the cutest costumes with the coolest wigs! We didn’t play any games with the maids, but I tried the mochi ice cream, which was very good.

After the Maid Cafe, we rushed out in order to make it to the autograph session for both Greg Ayres and Christopher Ayres. I didn’t know that Greg, who is the voice of Chrono in Chrono Crusade (and Kaoru Hitachiin in Ouran High School Host Club) was at the convention! I was in the Merchant’s Hall when someone called “Rosette!” and told me about the autograph session. We ended up being the last in line (again!) but that was what made the experience so great. Both Greg and Christopher were SO nice and approachable. Greg was kind enough to sign my Chrono Crusade DVD cover, and my Katsucon 18 pass. Since I was dressed as Rosette from Chrono Crusade, I even got to learn a little bit more about the series. He was so funny and even took the time to engage in a little conversation with us. Christopher also signed my Katuscon 18 pass, and said my ‘Rosette’ costume was “phenomenal!”.

Aurelia Diesel (as Sister Rosette Christopher) meets Christopher Ayres!

After meeting Greg and Chris, we went to the World Cosplay Summit being held at Katsucon. Unfortunately, we had to leave before the summit started, because they were running more than an hour and a half late. Oh well.

Anyways, I had a FANTASTIC day at my first (anime) convention! I look forward to next year when I can pre-register and go for all 3 days! We would’ve done more at the convention, if only the registration line wouldn’t have taken so long. However, I still have a lot of great souvenirs from the convention, and like I mentioned earlier, I’ll be posting soon about the products I bought at the Merchant’s Hall and reviewing them!

Aurelia Diesel (Sister Rosette) meets Greg Ayres, the voice of Chrono!

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